Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pictures of Uruki and Takiko

Any movies, dramas, anime or manga with no love teams are...boring. haha... Really, love teams add spices to the movie.In other words thrill, passion and romance. It's what audience keeping up for. They keep track of events happened in their favorite love teams.

Back to the issue, here are some pictures of Uruki and Takiko (the Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden Love Team) together. I just love them. They are so natural. Their love story is no difference to others where at first they were very distant and always arguing with each other to disguise their own feelings, and this makes people love them. These two are perfectly fit!

The Prince and The Damsel in Distress...:-) or The Warrior and The Priestess...I've got shivers up and down my spine just by looking at them! Here is another one.

A perfect couple for a perfect story...

So, what are youre comments guyz.. Aren't they romantic..:-)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden

Those who are following my blog may have read the Fushigi Yuugi Gengu Kaiden up until Chapter 32.. am i right??? Yeah,even me,has felt hanged when i ended up reading until chapter 32 only.. The reason why it has been stopped publishing is because Yuu Watase (the author) has encountered some health issues. I don't really know what exactly it is.

During its hiatus, many fans were complaining for its release. And finally last year, chapter 33 was out in the market. What a great news..!

By the way, for those who didn't know and haven't read the story, well, you must read it and soon, you will find yourself get hooked to it...

Let me introduce you the characters of FYGK:

Takiko Ukuda
She was accidentally taken into the Universe of the Four Gods and was destined to be the Priestess of Genbu for the purpose of summoning the God Genbu in exchange for the 3 wishes he could grant to her. She was yearning for the love of her father who neglected her, and the love of her first love. In this strange world, she was about to meet the people who will change her life, who will give her the attention and care she's looking for, and LOVE as intense and great that she couldn't imagine :-)

Uruki/Rimudo Roun
The first person Takiko met. She, yes she, was executed when Takiko met her. She was also the one who saved Takiko from evil monsters who are trying to attack her. Soon enough, Takiko found out that the girl she met was actually a man and revealed to be the a celestial warrior. His mark on his chest means "woman" and only he can utilize his power in a woman's form.

He was an archer and has the power of ice.  He chased down Uruki because of the bounty on his head. He likes Takiko and hate Uruki believing that the two have something special between them. Soon enough, he developed his feeling towards Hikitsu's little sister Aira.

He has the power of ice. His other eye has the ability to penetrate one's mind and make it a reality. His power has once made Takiko return to her real world. He had a younger sister named Aira.
Namame was born from stone from some stone garden. (I don't know what its called). He has the ability to change his looks, in a stone form. He has the power over stone and earth.
The youngest of all seishe. He can give off neddles from his body. He always hide in his human-size basket. After he fled from his town, Phen took care of him. He was unaware of Phen's evil intention.

The only woman among the seishe. She has control over her hair at any extent. She also uses a pipe as a weapon. She was a prostitute, but originally serves at the palace of Hokkan. She lost her baby while it was still in her womb and lost her special someone.

Urumiya / Hagasu
He was revealed as the last celestial warrior and has the ability to absorb the seishe's powers. He was an enemy and haunts Uruki down. He has a twin named Tegu who has the opposite of Hagasu's power,to nullify their abilities.

My inclination towards Anime

I dedicate this blog to all people who just love ANIME and MANGA COMICS!!!

What makes me inspire to write articles about anime is my inclination towards cartoons... Ever since i was young, i was really into anime movies. When i was in High School, i had friends who have passion in drawing cartoons. I was influenced by them (laugh). We even made a comics, a love story-comedy one. And now that i have a job, even though i wasn't able to watch anime movies lately, i still want to get updated and keep records of the animes i really really love...

And i wanted to share it to all of you who are the same as me.